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"We are passionate about helping small businesses start up, grow and prosper. We're especially proud that they see value in our partnership."

Eric S. Holsky
President and CEO

“Banking locally is a no-brainer for us. I know that they have our back. That’s really important. What they saw was our vision and our dream, and they made it happen for us. I don’t think there would be a Trikes by Rodney if there wasn’t a Community Bank. It makes me feel good to know that they are there for all of us - supporting the local businesses in the way that they have in the past and supporting us in the future.”

Rodney & Mollie Crooks
Owners, Trikes by Rodney 
Zanesville, Ohio

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“Business interaction should be relational. When we’re choosing who we’re banking with, there has to be a personal connection there. I know when I walk in (to The Community Bank) that there’s a relationship there. I’m giving my checks to a person – not an institution. It gives me confidence in where we’re putting our money, it gives me confidence that it’s going to be safe, it gives me confidence that it’s going to be put back into our community, which supports the values that we have. It’s insanely important that the money we invest in The Community Bank stays local. One of the things that really excites me about The Community Bank is our ability to grow with the Bank.”

Ryan Thogmartin
Zanesville, Ohio

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“I view The Community Bank as an institution where I can walk in, shake somebody’s hand and put a deal together…a seamless transaction, a seamless transition and a painless process.”

Seth Ellington
President & CEO, Waste Away Systems, Waste Away Station and Affordable Portables
Heath, Ohio

“You know the money you’re spending with them is being reinvested right here on a daily basis. I have also bought their stock. I believe in this bank. I see the value of what they’re doing in their local communities and I think it’s going to pay off long term.”

Tom Harvey
President, Hope Timber Companies, Inc.
Newark, Ohio

“Because The Community Bank is a hometown bank, the money stays here plus the decisions are made here. If you need a quick response, you’ve got someone to go to.”

Roger Touvell
Owner, Roger Touvell Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
Zanesville, Ohio

"The Community Bank decided to move into the Licking County area a couple of years ago and the timing was very good for us. At that point in time we were banking in larger banks and it just didn't seem like that was going to be a long-term positive for us. The Community Bank's Jim Holman contacted us for kind of an introductory talk about finances and banking needs. Jim was able to offer us everything we needed at that point in time in terms of helping the company move forward. They've been providing all our banking services ever since and we're extremely happy with them. The Community Bank really is the Spirit of Small Business."

Jim Roberts
President, Jobes Henderson & Associates
Newark, Ohio

"It's super important for a small business to choose the correct financial partner. The Community Bank understands small business. They're personable and they take the time to listen. They're a true banking partner as opposed to the big bank cold shoulder. And, their people bring an extraordinary amount of knowledge and wisdom to the table to help a business understand the direction they need to go to be successful. And, if you work with them, you know that money stays right here in the community. My partner, Trevor Prince and I definitely rely on them."

Neil Eddington
Co-Partner, Eastern Ohio Truck & Trailer
Heath, Ohio

"We started our business over 37 years ago, and in that time we've been with several other banks. But, ever since we've been with The Community Bank, we've appreciated how they work with small businesses. We have our own local customers so we know how important it is to keep the business here. It's good for the community. After all, there are only a few small banks left anymore and we're happy to support The Community Bank. They've always been there for us and other small business friends in our community. We trust them completely."

Mike and Nancy Mohr
Owners, J&E Distributors
Zanesville, Ohio

"Just like we're a hometown grocery store, they're a hometown bank. The Community Bank and Reisbeck's are very like minded in the fact that we're here for the community. We're all neighbors, so there's a lot in common. When we go into the bank, we talk about family and stuff that's going on in town. As a small retail business, Riesbeck's believes they're a good company to work with because you know they're all about the best for the community. When you get that professionalism, quality and quantity of service, why would you go anywhere else?"

Korey Daubenspeck
Operator, Riesbeck's 
New Concord, Ohio