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"We are passionate about helping small businesses start up, grow and prosper. We're especially proud that they see value in our partnership."

Eric S. Holsky
President and CEO

“The Community Bank is exactly what it is - a Community Bank. It's nice to know that they will always be there to help us out with anything that we need.”

Josh & Heather Lange
Owners, DankHouse Brewing Company
Newark, Ohio

“It makes us feel really good knowing that The Community Bank has our back. They treat you like a person. If you need something, you reach out to them and it is handled. If we continue to grow at the rate we are growing, we know the Bank will be able to accommodate us and make sure we are strategizing the right way.”

Mike & Debbie Brenneman
Owners, Buckeye Valley Equipment
Hebron, Ohio

“Community Bank gave me the opportunity to do what I'm doing. You don't have to deal with corporate boards and things like that. I can actually talk to people who make the decisions and they don't have to ask three counties away to get permission to do something. Community Bank still has enough power but is small enough to have personal touch.”

Keith Hughes
Owner, Hughes Truck Repair
Zanesville, Ohio

"If we take money to The Community Bank and put it in our account, we know that it's going to go back out into our community and help our neighbors and friends and their businesses and homes and that's a good feeling. It's a win-win right there. We're helping our neighbors and our friends by dealing with The Community Bank."

Neil & Fayebelle Cherry                                                                                                                                                                    Owners, Cherry Orchards                                                                                                                                                            Crooksville, Ohio

“Banking locally is a no-brainer for us. I know that they have our back. That’s really important. What they saw was our vision and our dream, and they made it happen for us. I don’t think there would be a Trikes by Rodney if there wasn’t a Community Bank. It makes me feel good to know that they are there for all of us - supporting the local businesses in the way that they have in the past and supporting us in the future.”

Rodney & Mollie Crooks
Owners, Trikes by Rodney 
Zanesville, Ohio

“Business interaction should be relational. When we’re choosing who we’re banking with, there has to be a personal connection there. I know when I walk in (to The Community Bank) that there’s a relationship there. I’m giving my checks to a person – not an institution. It gives me confidence in where we’re putting our money, it gives me confidence that it’s going to be safe, it gives me confidence that it’s going to be put back into our community, which supports the values that we have. It’s insanely important that the money we invest in The Community Bank stays local. One of the things that really excites me about The Community Bank is our ability to grow with the Bank.”

Ryan Thogmartin
Zanesville, Ohio