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We'd love to see you in person! Please feel free to drop into any office location near you.

    Abby Murphy, Office Manager [email protected]
    Becky Vansickle, VP/Office Manager [email protected]
    Left to Right: Colin McCall, Bruce Lee, Ron Davis, Chris Clewell, Katie Crabtree. [email protected]
    Christopher Sandefur, VP/Office Manager [email protected]
    Cindy Jackson, VP/Office Manager [email protected]
    Cindy Rice, VP/Office Manager [email protected]
    Dennis Doutt, VP/Cambridge Office Manager/Community Banker [email protected]
    Greg Bell, Office Manager [email protected]
    Jim Holman, SVP/Market Leader [email protected]
    Michael Lightle, VP/Business Banker/Newark Office Manager
    Natalie Seamster, VP/Office Manager [email protected]
    Shandon Gingerich, VP/Office Manager [email protected]