About Us

Original Board of Directors in 1902

left to right: Epraim Bennett, S.H. Brown, Wilson Winter, J.L. Bennett and W.N. Burley

Our History

Back in the late 1890's, Crooksville, Ohio was a bustling town of merchants, manufacturers and individuals. However the town had no bank. Anyone who had banking business had to travel to banks in neighboring towns. This was inconvenient and risky. Thus, it prompted a group of local businessmen to initiate the establishment of The Crooksville Bank.

The Crooksville Bank opened its doors in December of 1902 and expanded into the South Zanesville market in 1988 with an office on Maysville Pike. In 1992, the bank changed its name to The Community Bank to better reflect its passion for serving the local community and its vision for growth.

Out of reverence for its place in banking history, the interior of the Crooksville banking office was remodeled to reflect its original interior. It still serves family generations that span over 100 years.

Bringing You Up to Date

1997: West Zanesville office opened on Dillon Falls Road.

2001: Michael Steen joined The Community Bank as President with vast banking and marketing experience and a fresh outlook for the community.

2002: The Community Loan Company was established as a new subsidiary of the Banks Holding Company.

2003: The North Zanesville office opened on NorthPointe Drive.

2006: The East Zanesville office opened meeting the objective to serve all four sides of the Zanesville marketplace.

2007: The headquarters of the bank moved from the Crooksville location to its new office on North Fifth in Downtown Zanesville to serve as the hub of all full-service banking offices as well as the home of Community Financial Advisors.

2008: The Community Bank acquires Community Financial Advisors to better serve our community.

2009: The Frazeysburg office opened on W. Third Street.

2012: The New Concord banking office and Heath Lending Center opened to achieve our commitment to support our neighboring communities.

What We Stand For

As we look to the future, our priority reaches beyond the numbers, beyond the success of the bank itself. We believe that "as goes the community, so goes The Community Bank." We have visions of growth, one neighbor at a time, for the economic and cultural benefit of our community as a whole. We will stand up against the big, "corporate" banks that are based out-of-town but pretend to be "local." Yet we'll offer any of the same or better services, plus another special benefit: We care.

Moving forward, nothing will ever define our culture more completely than our theme, "Tried and True." Because even though we will serve an ever-changing evolution of generations with new products and resources, we'll never lose our connection with history. We'll always be influenced by the ideals set back in 1902.