Travel Notification

    At The Community Bank we include purchase restrictions on Check Cards to protect you and The Community Bank from fraud before it occurs. To prevent restrictions on your Cards when traveling or shopping outside of your normal spending areas, you should contact The Community Bank to notify our Card Services Department of your travel/purchase dates and destination by simply completing the form below.

    Travel notifications submitted electronically will be applied by the first business day after submitting this form. If you need to place your travel notification sooner, please contact our Card Services Department by calling 740-454-1600 during business hours; Monday – Friday 8am to 6pm, Saturday 8am to 1pm.

    The Community Bank has blocked all transactions that you do not input your Personal Identification Number (PIN) in certain countries and cities (this includes Internet transactions). Please visit The Community Bank’s website for a complete list of our current country and city restrictions and updated information. We can adjust your card to allow signature based transactions for your travel area during your specific traveling dates. The Community Bank is charged $200 to lift a purchase restriction from a customer’s Card. This fee will be passed onto the customer.

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